Hire.Camp; Automated Management System for Recruitment

Automated Hiring and Recruitment Management System

Hiring is a process in need of management. Organizations need smart and tailor-made software to tackle the challenges of hiring. That is why most companies and organizations in the world take advantage of cohesive automated systems or software to monitor the hiring operation, and trace the candidates along the recruitment process. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a smart software system for the hiring process for organizations. It collects all the data necessary for the hiring operation and provides access to organization’s hiring team to monitor, and track the candidates and reduce the hiring costs.

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Product Demo Video

Watch this video to find out about Hire.Camp. Among the features you will find:
  • Company job portal to announce the job vacancies at the organization
  • CV and application form archive management system
  • Registration of candidate’s interview result
  • Setting up exclusive hiring teams to each job
  • Defining competencies for the candidates
  • Setting up workflow for each hiring project
  • Tracking the candidates status along the hiring and recruitment process
  • Providing detailed reports of the project’s completion
  • Multiple channels for receiving incoming CVs
  • Setting the time of the interview
  • Candidate’s profile tagging system

Hire.Camp Features

Automatic Interview Scheduling

Hire.Camp is equipped with the possibility of automatic coordination of interview sessions. By listing common free times of the interviewers, the system provides a job applicant with a list of different time slots so that candidate can pick the most appropriate time for the job interview among various options.


One of most prominent features of HR software is to provide reports. Hire.Camp collects and analyses the data and reports it to the users. The reports include the Time to Hire and Sourcing Performance and other useful data to manage the hiring.

Multiple Workflows

Search, design and customization of hiring project’s workflow for each job! This software allows you to manage the hiring process, as each company may need to define several hiring workflows for each job.

CV Ranking

Hire.Camp offers ranking features for each candidate based on their qualifications and defined competencies. You can attach the hiring team’s notes on each candidate and tag the candidate’s profile based on your desired criteria.

Events’ Calendar

Viewing and recording various events in the work calendar is another feature of this applicant tracking software. Hire.Camp Calendar can be synced with Google Calendar so that all the events and job interview sessions can be displayed on Hire.Camp Calendar.

CV Management

Hire.Camp allows you to score the candidates based on their qualifications and defined competencies. The profile tagging system allows you to classify the CVs and evaluate them further.

Team Work

You can convene hiring teams and assign tasks. The tasks can be defined based on the workflow and each member of the hiring team or the human resources personnel can be granted defined access.

Shared Lists

Organizations that include sub-companies can share lists among themselves or define ‘shared talent pools’ and share the data to speed up the hiring process.

Recruitment Ordering

With any simple or complex workflow, you can easily get new recruitment orders from other departments of your organization. Define a procedure for the registration and approval process according to your internal organizational routines, and finally turn each order into an employment project after approval.

Job Portal

The job portal can be easily set through some clicks and does not require coding. The job portal contains job vacancies available at the organization’s sub-domain and notifies candidates accordingly, this means that your organization has an exclusive hiring site.

Automated Messaging System

As an automated hiring system, Hire.Camp allows you to send default messages to the candidates at pre-set timeframes. In this way, you can update the candidates on their current standing along the workflow.

User Access Management

You can set different levels of access for different members of the hiring team. This level of access also includes permission to use the different features of the software.

About Us

Hire.Camp is an Application Tracking System (ATS). It works as web-based cloud software and provides via SaaS model (Software as a Service). Hire.Camp is the brainchild of a team of experts in the field of HR and Software (design). Hire.Camp 1.0 was introduced to the market in Autumn 2018 and as more reputable organizations started using it the team modified/ updated/ expanded the system. In July 2020, we signed a cooperation and investment contract with Iran Talent. They chose to invest in us and be our partner company. This cooperation is intended to create potential added value to the most respectable organizations and strategically expand the market for Hire.Camp.

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